The beauty of Harley-Davidson motorcycles

A lot of people who love motorcycles know that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are a real beaut. Especially some of the older types are really special to have as your belonging. Not only their bikes but also their clothing pieces are really wanted by many. Not only as clothing to wear while riding a motorcycle but also as normal pieces in someone’s closet. Their amazing leather jackets are wanted by many for example. But what are some of the special things about Harley-Davidson motorcycles and the brand itself?

Biggest motorcycle maker

In only 20 years, Harley-Davidson became the biggest motorcycle maker in the world. In 1920 Harley-Davidson ended up having over 2000 deals spread over 67 countries. Today we might think of Honda as the biggest motorcycle maker, and technically you’re not wrong. Honda on the other hand makes more than just motorcycles, they also make regular scooters and their engines vary from 50cc to 1800 cc. Harley-Davidson on the other hand, is the biggest motorcycle maker in the world if we count from 601cc and above. It’s really impressive.

The bikes

The bikes stay beautiful. And when you have an old model from the 1900’s you might have some really rare and special bikes. Harley-Davidsons keep their overall value really well, especially when people take care of them properly. Repairing their bikes with Harley-Davidson OEM parts for example helps keeping the value high.

Another thing that stands out in every Harley-Davidson is the exterior. The colour and the shine all the … Read More